A company supported by a long tradition with know how from over 50 years of experience working with plastics. Established in 1962 as a de facto company, LPT (Lavorazione Plexiglas Torino [Turin Plexiglas Manufacturing]) was transformed over the years from a small business into an industrial company that is able to respond optimally to specific customer requirements, from the development of prototypes to the production of serial products.

La Storia


LPT’s main focus is on customer satisfaction and the company works quickly and flexibly in response to customer requests. Technical consultation during production and proactive collaboration with customers are the fundamental elements for establishing trust. LPT counts many important and prestigious customers in its portfolio, including both Italian and international companies.


An innovation-driven company, LPT places particular emphasis on technological innovation through the use of the most cutting edge machinery. Currently LPT is equipped with three laser-cutting stations (3×2 m work surface), three latest generation CNC milling cutters (3.10 x 2.20 m work surface), pantographs, thermoforming kilns, diamond and flame polishing machines, infrared bending machines and cold bending machines.