Polyethylene is the most widely used plastic material in the world and is obtained through the polymerization of ethylene. It is a technopolymer, which, depending on the type, may range from flexible to rigid especially at high density (HDPE), is available in sheets of various thickness or round bars, white or natural in colour.
The sheets can be cut, milled, or turned to construct mechanical parts or work surfaces.


Polyethylene sheets have good mechanical properties, maximum electrical insulation and maximum resistance to impact even at very low temperatures. Excellent chemical inertness and absolute non-toxicity make it an ideal material for contact with food. Almost no moisture absorption.


Polyethylene, due to its good mechanical properties, is a viable alternative to materials such as steel, cast iron, cement etc. for constructing specific chemical and high voltage electrical facilities.

Being completely non-toxic, it is ideal for cutting boards and work surfaces for food.